Cloudwater With Open Arms Bright & Herbal Pilsner Collab w/ G.L.O.W. (440ml)

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Style: Pilsner 
Brewed by: Cloudwater
ABV: 4%

A collaboration with G.L.O.W., who exist to break stigmas surrounding women in the beer industry. No gender roles or special treatment, just equality and respect.

Funds raised from the sale of this beer will be sent to Refugee Action, a charity that helps people who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes. They provide the basic support needed to live again with dignity. Then they help people build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.

The beer itself is a bright, herbal Pilsner made using Loral, Simcoe and HBC 472 from Yakima Chief Hops, who are donating €10 for each kilogram of hops used as part of the worldwide GLOWALONG collaboration.