Cloudwater x Rock Leopard Rich & Roasty Step Up Stout (440ml)

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Style: Stout
Brewed by: Cloudwater
ABV: 5%

Hold on a second! It’s 2020 and we’re not here to talk diversity, we’re here to make a difference. Step Up is a delicious beer that is gonna help change who the beer industry represents, and what it needs to be.

With 5% of the proceeds donated to charities and causes that help those facing society’s biggest hurdles, and the remaining proceeds split 50/50 between Rock Leopard and Cloudwater, every can and every glass helps us make a difference.

云水 / 岩豹 迈步前行 世涛
稍等一下!现在是2020年,我们不是在这里谈论多样性,而是想有所作为的。这款Step Up Stout将帮助改变啤酒行业的代表人物和整个行业的需求。我们会将这款酒收益的5%捐赠给慈善机构,帮助那些面临社会障碍的人们,其余在两家酒厂之间平分,每一罐和每一杯都能帮助我们有所作为。