Cloudwater La Deuxième Saison Des Poires (750ml)

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Style: Saison
Brewed by: Cloudwater
ABV: 5.4%

Brewed with our friends from After The Harvest and Oliver's, this beer-perry hybrid is crisp, vibrant and thirst-quenching, finding harmony between classic perry flavours, yeast aromatics and hop notes. It was created by blending beer wort with pear juice and fermenting with a Saison yeast, before ageing in foudre for 10 months. A light Simcoe dry hop was then added prior to bottling.

Aroma & Flavour:
Sweet pineapple and fresh green pear, accompanied by light sourness and underpinned by light cereal malt character

Light-bodied, crisp and dry with prickly carbonation

Spice and doughy white bread mingle with pine and herbal hop notes