Cloudwater Clean & Crisp Light Lager (440ml)

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Style: Lager
Brewed by: Cloudwater 
ABV: 3.5% 

Our Light Lager is designed for ease of enjoyment, providing serious drinkability without compromising on flavour. It's brewed to be thirst-quenching, crisp and dry, combining a subtle lemon and herbal hop character with light sweetness and a pronounced, lasting malt character.

云水 清脆干净 淡拉格
我们的Light Lager是为了便于畅饮而设计的,在不影响味道的前提之下提供了更好的易饮性,它诞生的目的就是为了解渴,所以口感十分清脆和干爽,结合了微妙的柠檬与草本啤酒花的特点,这种淡淡的甜味十分明显,并且在麦芽的作用下十分持久。