Cloudwater Bold & Hoppy Small Pale (440ml)

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Style: Pale Ale
Brewed by: Cloudwater 
ABV: 2.5%

This beer combines our love of British beer heritage and the technical challenges of brewing lower-strength beer that's big bodied and full-flavoured. This is a great choice for times when you're taking it easy, but still want a big, hoppy hit from a dry-hopping rate most commonly seen in much stronger beers.

云水 血与酒花 新英格兰小型淡色艾尔

我们的Small Pale是为了透过酒体带来更加强烈的味道,你已经向我们许愿说要一个更轻盈的酒体,于是我们开发了这款啤酒,他有着足够的酒体来平衡大胆的酒花味道,虽然酒精度仅有2.9%,但这已然可以让你感受到浓郁的柑橘和葡萄柚气息,并且有着光滑浑厚的口感。