Bridge Road Robust Porter (330ml)

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Style: Porter
Brewed by: Bridge Road (Victoria, Australia)
ABV: 5.2%

Big chocolate, roasted and mocha notes are the key to this style. A wise country football coach once said: “there’s no point half doing something”. And in making this porter we’ve taken his advice on board, our Robust Porter uses plenty of roast barley and chocolate malt to give you a big porter that won’t leave you asking for more.

Try this one with dark chocolate and liquorice. Bridge Road’s Porter, like many of its beers, pulls no punches. Make no mistake, the Robust Porter is big and bold, yet its smooth roasty texture makes it one to convert the non-dark drinker. Match it with rich chocolate deserts, cold winter nights or freshly shucked oysters.

布里奇路 强劲 波特
有位英明的足球教练曾经说过“做事半途而废没有任何意义”。在制作这款波特啤酒的时候酒厂就听取了他的忠告,在酿造时使用了大量的烘烤麦芽和巧克力麦芽以呈现出浓郁的波特风味,来满足超深色黑啤的粉丝们。适合搭配新鲜的牡蛎或黑巧克力饮用。曾获得2015 年精酿啤酒大奖赛——澳洲最佳啤酒银牌