Bridge Road Chestnut Pilsner (330ml)

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Style: Pilsner
Brewed by: Bridge Road (Victoria, Australia)
ABV: 5%

A unique Australian Pilsner, brewed in Beechworth from Chestnuts grown locally in the Beechworth and Stanley hills. The Chestnut Pilsner also uses Galaxy hops from the Rostrevor Hop Garden in the nearby Ovens Valley.

As with any of the worlds best pilsner the most important ingredients is time, and we have allowed this beer plenty of it, with each batch aged for around 3 months before release. Bridge Road Brewers have created a gem of a beer through experimenting with local produce, a truly local brew!

This unique lager is very pale and presents a crisp ‘pilsner’ like profile combined with a distinct nutty character owing to the use of Chestnuts in the mash. The crisp clean profile of this beer lends itself to the summer months and can be paired with seafood or lighter dishes.

布里奇路 栗子皮尔森
这款独特的皮尔森啤酒选用了优质麦芽以及比奇沃思和斯坦利(Beechworth and Stanley)产的栗子酿造而成。 它那轻柔的酒花风格来源于当地种植的银河酒花(Galaxy )。因为在麦芽浆中添加了板栗成分,这款皮尔森呈现出淡淡芳香和独特坚果气息。清爽的它十分适宜搭配海鲜或清淡的菜肴。
自从 2005 年由本.克劳斯先生构思创建以来,布里奇路啤酒厂(Bridge Road )已经成长为澳大利亚最知名的精酿啤酒厂之一。在比奇沃思,酒厂使用自己的设备, 运用传统的酿造方法小批量酿制着啤酒。