Brewlander Mango Salad Gose

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Style: Gose
Brewed By: Brewlander & Co.
ABV: 5% / IBU: 5

This Gose is inspired by a Cambodian Mango Salad from John's favourite restaurant! It's a kettle soured beer with Lacto Brevis culture, which gives it a more ester driven (Lemony, and peachy) sourness instead of just a straight up sharp sourness.

Mosaic hops were added in the whirlpool and dry hop to compliment the tropical notes, before shit loads of Mango, Habanero chili, Basil and Mint were added to the beer.

The Habaneros are very aromatic in a fruity sense, and adds just a touch of bite without being SPICY! Salt was also added to enhance the savoury notes in place of fish sauce.

May we add that the colour is simply lovely!