Brewlander Joy Session IPA (330ml)


Style: IPA - Session
Brewed by: Brewlander 
ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 46

The Brewlander Joy is a session beer that doesn't compromise on the hoppy qualities and flavours of a regular IPA. The brewers used Amarillo, Ahtanum and Moutere hops to evoke intense grapefruit, pine and tropical fruit and floral notes. This SIPA finishes with a firm bitterness that belies its low ABV.

布鲁兰德 欢乐 社交型IPA
Brewlander Joy是一款社交型的啤酒,但在风味、香气和酒体上依然是一款IPA。通过使用阿马里洛、奥塔纳姆和莫特利(Amarillo, Ahtanum and Moutere)啤酒花,使其具有强烈的葡萄柚、松针和热带水果的风味。