Brewlander Hope

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Brewlander Hope
Style Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Brewed for Brewlander & Co.
Brewed by Kingdom Breweries (Cambodia)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
4.5% ABV
28 IBU

The key motivation behind this beer was to brew something which is perfect for Singapore’s tropical climate. I remember asking myself on different occasions what an ideal beer would be for watching sports games, cooling down on a hot afternoon, chilling by the pool, or having a barbeque.

I would be drawn to a beer that is under 5% abv, clean in malt profile, not too bitter with decent amounts of citrus and tropical hop aroma, and most importantly, it must be extremely thirst quenching and crushable (Drinkable)!

After having a general idea of how I envision the beer to be, I generally start on the malt department. In this case, I really want it to be clean and fairly neutral like a Blonde or Golden Ale but with a little more character instead of being “lifeless” or “soulless” like many commercial filtered lagers. We accomplish this by using a blend of base malt, with a low percentage of Cara-Gold from Crisp Maltings for colour.

To make the beer sessionable and quaffable, I’ve selected an ale yeast strain where fermentation byproducts are lager-like and low in esters, phenols, sulphur and diacetyl. This yeast stays out of the way and maintains a good balance between the malt and hop, producing a fairly dry and crisp finish.

We’ve back down the bitterness within range of 20ish IBUs, because the dryness will accentuate the perception of bitterness. For the aroma additions, we add a healthy dose of New Zealand hops (Motueka and Wai-Iti), because it adds a nice soft tropical note to the beer. We intentionally steered away from Pacific Northwest hops, which may be a little too distracting and assertive in a beer like this. Expect stone-fruit, apricot, gooseberry and zesty citrus in this beer.

If you are in the mood for an easy drinking beer, but are tired with most commercial lager offerings, we’ve got Hope for you!

There you have it, a truly a great beer for the Tropics.

Someone start the grill already!!