BrewDog Jagged Edge IPA (CAN)(330ml)

by BrewDog
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Style IPA
Brewed by BrewDog (Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
ABV : 5.1%

We’ve dialed down one of our most legendary West Coast IPA recipes to create a 5.1% homage to these bitingly bitter IPAs.

Awash with all the pithy, sticky hop characteristics we fell for some 13 years ago, Jagged Edge showcases some of the finest new world hops, boasting a clawing bitterness that coats the mouth amidst a biscuity base.

酿酒狗 锯齿边缘 IPA
以前酒精度是4.9%,现在是5.1%。我们已经记下了我们最传奇的西海岸IPA配方之一,创造了一款酒精度5.1%的IPA,以向这些苦涩的IPA致敬。这款酒花的特点是我们在13年前就喜欢上了的,Jagged Edge展示了一些最好的新世界酒花,在饼干味的基础上,有一种爪状的苦味覆盖在口腔中。