BrewDog Indie English Pale Ale (CAN) (330ml)

by BrewDog
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Style - English Pale Ale
Brewed by: BrewDog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
ABV : 4.2% / IBU : 30

An accessible and approachable Pale Ale made independently in Scotland. Stripped back and sessionable, this is craft beer for the people. Light hints of pear and banana sit on a caramel and biscuit malt backbone. Suitable for any occasion, this easy going pale ale is ready to rock when you, or anyone else, is.

酿酒狗 独立 英式淡色艾尔
Indie Pale Ale是独立的象征,注定要独立生活,这是为人民酿造的的精酿啤酒。这是一款4.2%酒精度的21世纪淡色艾尔;简单且具有社交性,被设计为易饮型啤酒。Indie Pale Ale散发出淡淡的梨子和香蕉气息,并与焦糖和饼干的麦芽基础相抗衡。它适合任何饮用场合,并且在任何你(或任何人)需要的时候都做好了准备。