Behemoth Something Hoppy American IPA (330ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed for: Behemoth (Chur) Brewing Company
Brewed by: bStudio (Auckland, New Zealand)
ABV : 5.9% / IBU : 45

Something Hoppy is an India Pale Ale made with Citra, Azacca, and El Dorado hops that meld over a lovely malt cushion. Sometimes all you need is something hoppy and this is the beer for those times. To be fair, most times are those times.

巨兽 酒花怪物 美式IPA
我们的这款IPA添加了西楚(Citra)、阿扎克(Azacca)和埃尔多拉多(El Dorado)啤酒花,而优美的麦芽起到了很好的缓冲作用。有些时候你所需要的是一些酒花含量多的东西,而这款啤酒就是为那些时刻而生。