Beerfarm Brekky Scroll Pastry Stout (375ml)

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Style: Pastry Stout
Brewed by: Beerfarm (Metricup, Australia)
ABV: 9.6% / IBU: 30

Your favourite cowboys are riding straight into pastry town and we’re bringing the breakfast. This rich, luscious stout is sweet and cinnamony, rounded with heaps of vanilla and balanced with a good dose of roasty coffee. There’s nothing like guns and buns to get you going and there’s no better pair than coffee and cinnamon scrolls. Made in collaboration with our friends at Old Bridge Cellars and Stomp Coffee this sweet and decadent stout is a pastry party. A complex malt bill brings rich toffee and caramel notes, and a dark and velvety colour. Cold brew coffee as well as whole beans really get things going and lactose, vanilla and cinnamon bring the scroll for that sweet pastry treat.

Welcome to the rodeo!

Brewed in Collaboration with Old Bridge Cellars & Stomp Coffee.