Van Honsebrouck Bacchus Kriekenbier (375ml)

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Style: Sour Red / Brown
Brewed by: Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck (Emelgem, Belgium)
ABV: 5.8%

Bacchus Kriekenbier is brewed using Bacchus Oudbruin as a base. Its sourness and the slight touch of caramel from the roasted malt are impressive features. Bacchus Kriekenbier has a beautiful balance between sweet and sour. In the nose you detect aromas of ripe krieken cherries, while in the background is the delicate sweet and sour, slightly wine-like character of the base beer, making for a vibrant aftertaste. It’s a zesty thirst-quencher.

城堡 巴克斯 樱桃啤酒
这款Bacchus Kriekenbier以我们的Bacchus Flemish Old Brown Ale为基础,加入了樱桃酿造,产生了美丽的成熟樱桃味和酸甜口味,并且伴随着来自烘烤麦芽的轻微焦糖味,酒体呈深紫色。