Amager Reindeer Fuel 2017 (500ml)

by Amager
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Amager Reindeer Fuel 2017
Style Barley Wine / Wheat Wine
Brewed by Amager Bryghus
Kastrup, Denmark
10.0% ABV

Seasonel Barley Wine made to a new recipe each year. Some horrible people claim that Santa must be on crack or something. How else could he possibly visit so many kids in so few days around Christmas time? This of course is a dirty lie. However, Santa's reindeer do run on something, and that something is 10% Barley Wine, one of the richest and most nutritious beer styles around. And we're glad to let you know that in the years to come Amager Bryghus will help Santa in his efforts - and naturally his hard working reindeer in particular - by producing Reindeer Fuel, the only recommended drink if you plan to fly a sleigh over long distances. We may go as far as to call Reindeer Fuel the energy drink of the beer world - that is if energy drinks weren't such shite. Anyways, to constantly improve the range and performance of Santa's reindeer - the world has more children each year you know - we will tirelessly work on improving the recipe of this seasonal Barley Wine, constantly changing it so that two different vintages are not the same. The ultimate goal - our Holy Grail, so to speak - is to brew the perfect Barley Wine. Will we ever find the Holy Grail? Well, probably not, but we're damned sure that in the years to come we will make a lot of reindeer and other beer drinkers happy in the process.