Amager Cody The Crooked Cop (500ml)

by Amager
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Amager Cody The Crooked Cop
Style Old Ale
Brewed by Amager Bryghus
Kastrup, Denmark
9.5% ABV

Amager 10 year anniversary beer - The Mobster Series Cody Kane had not always been a crooked, dirty cop. Far from it. When he started in law enforcement more than 20 years ago he came with bright ideas and beautiful ideals. The reality of Chicago’s criminal underworld curbed his enthusiasm and each year his ideals crumbled a little bit. Then came the drinking and with that came the gambling. Horses it was. Within only a few years he was knee deep in debt. And his paycheck from the CPD did little to help. So, like most of his colleagues he started doing small favors for the people that were tearing the city to pieces. And he hated himself for it. He wanted out. Out of the hush money, the gambling and the drinking. Well, at least the hard liquor he wanted out of. As an Irishman he had absolutely no intention of giving up his beer. He loved this fluid. A devout Catholic as he was, he was certain it was God’s hand that led him into the company of Dario Daddano, the city’s most notorious mobster. Now imprisoned with Cody as his personal guard, the two started talking for days. To Cody’s bafflement this Italian gangster revealed that he couldn’t stand wine and actually brewed his own beer at home. And Cody told Dario of a beer he remembered his dad drinking back home, a beer in barrels, strong and potent with a leathery yet refreshing smell. Three years later Cody, now employed as the head brewer in Dario’s Daddano & Dadolnikov Brewing Company, recreated this Old Ale. No more dirty money and even dirtier morals, only the joy of creating. The two could not have been happier.