Amager Bryggens Blond (500ml)

by Amager
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Amager Bryggens Blond
Style Golden Ale / Blond Ale
Brewed by Amager Bryghus
Kastrup, Denmark
5.0% ABV
19 IBU

Granted, it was damn ’ difficult, but our customers asked for such a beer, we are actually quite proud of the fact that we succeeded. What we have succeeded with is to produce a beer that is not already from the first sip an attack on your tastebuds with a screeching hop bitterness and oceans of alcohol. Bryggen’s Blonde is probably best described as a beer with a gentle appearance that appeals to the thoughtful segment, rather than the tanned, hardened beer enthusiasts. In the glass it appears a warm golden beer both creamy and delicious. The scent is rich in floral tones and a slight hint of yeast reveals the Belgian inspiration. With Bryggens Blond we would like to thank those of our customers who reminded us that a good beer does not always have to be a wild and violent experience. Ingredients: Water, barley malt , hops, sweet orange zest and yeast