Taiwan Head Brewers Belgian Strong Ale 2023 (Yan Jing) 煙景 (330ml)

Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 10% / IBU: 18

A sour beer with a high alcohol content but not too sour. This is achieved by aging in wooden barrels to remove the sharp edges of the acidity, plus the creamy vanilla aroma brought by the oak, combined with the thick aroma of smoky ebony and the "Spring Equinox" wine plum. Moderately sweet finish, with fruity flavors produced by Belgian yeast and wild strains. It's great to drink now, but aging will bring out a more complex and rounded flavor.


啤酒頭 2023 年度酒「陽春」「煙景」詮釋春日之美。酒精度10% 與木桶熟成風情,讓和煦春日景色更添迷濛煙景。