3 Ravens Wild Ravens Methode Ravens 2021 (750ml)

Style: Barrel aged and blended mixed-culture beer
Type: Farmhouse Ale
Brewed by: 3 Ravens
ABV: 6.3% / IBU: 5

An annual blend celebrating the evolution and expression of our house mixed culture. The 2020 vintage marries three batches brewed in 2018 (including one from Newstead in Queensland) for nuanced acid, funk and fruit complexity and great ageing potential. Bottled with a moderate level of carbonation in May 2020, this beer can be enjoyed now or cellared carefully for flavour evolution over the next few years.

Aroma: Apple, grapefruit, apricot, cherry, barnyard funk
Flavour: Creamy, complex acidity, wine-like minerality
Mouthfeel: Smooth, round, tight, balancing tannic bitterness