Tuak Alus (700ml)

OOH-HA! That is what you will hear the Iban people say in place of “yam-seng”; and if you have been acquainted with Iban friends, it will not be an unfamiliar phrase to you. If you have attended a Borneo gathering, you will not be unaccustomed to this liquid gold called Tuak.

This native rice wine from Sarawak is made of the simplest ingredients - rice, sugar and ragi (also known as yeast) - however it delivers the smoothest intoxicant that will flow down your throat. This slightly sweet and aromatic blend will initiate nothing short of a great night out (or in!).

ALUS was founded by 3 friends, the inception of the brand transpired because it was challenging for them to find Tuak in peninsular. Growing a little more homesick each day and missing that nostalgic taste of Tuak, the boys (2 of which are Sarawakian and 1 just loves drinking Tuak) decided to make it on their own.

They accomplished recreating the taste that held endless memories, coupled with their fiery passion for Sarawakian culture, it was decided that the world needed to experience it as well.

ALUS uses the purest ingredients, all imported from Sarawak to support local businesses and communities. In a small way, for the boys to show appreciation and respect to the Sarawakian people.

This traditional alcohol drink is made from Sarawak's finest glutinous rice, special Ragi (yeast) and sugar. It has round fragrant taste and layered texture, not too sweet or too monotonous and with long-lasting aftertaste.