La Pirata Black Block Imperial Stout (330ml)

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Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed by: La Pirata Brewing (Súria, Catalunya Spain)
ABV: 11.2% / IBU: 72

Flagship of the Pirate ship, our 11.2% Russian Imperial Stout is a beer with a lot of presence, a lot of body, a lot of density and absolute darkness, powerful and round, for good lovers of stout. Balanced, quite sweet and with a slight final bitterness, resinous.

拉毕哈达 黑色街区 帝国世涛
这是一款来自于拉毕哈达(Cerveses La Pirata)酿酒厂的帝国世涛,无论是谁的灵魂和心灵,只要喝了这款酒就会像烈火一样熊熊燃烧起来!