Honey Panda's Greetings MiMi Beer Explorer CK Pale Ale 蜜蜜®啤探險家CK 淡色艾爾啤酒 (330ml)

by MiMi
Style: Pale Ale
Brewed by MiMi (Hong Kong)
ABV: 5%

MiMi® Beer Explorer CK Pale Ale

"First craft beer brand has awarded the Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards 2019"

Ingredients: Malted Barley, Hops, Water, Yeast

Tomy’s Tasting Note
With an exciting aroma of citrus, melon, berry & grapefruit, and an energetically cool freshness that is smooth in texture, this craft beer has a solid dry aftertaste and is well balanced, hoppy, malty & harmonious!

Product Story
One day, Penguin BingBing, another member of the Panda MiMi and Lion BeeBee family, met BeeBee and immediately followed him into the world of craft beer.  The adventure-loving BingBing has travelled to more than 80 countries in the world.  Today, he brings BeeBee and MiMi to travel across the fiery volcanos and glaciers along the way, all on ice cubes!  Therefore, Bee Bee brews this cool and layered craft beer especially to show his appreciation for Bing Bing, and to also let everyone enjoy and savour the unique sensation on their taste buds while exploring the exciting world of volcanos and glaciers.

蜜蜜®啤探險家CK 淡色艾爾啤酒