3 Ravens Lil Juicy Hazy Pale Ale (375ml)


Style: Hazy Pale Ale 
Brewed by: 3 Ravens
ABV: 3.5% / IBU: 10 

When you’re chasing that juice hit but need to stay on your feet, Lil’ Juicy got your back. Brewed with wheat and oats for a full mouthfeel, double dry hopped for citrus and tropical fruit flavours and at just 3.5% ABV you can have a good time AND a long time.
Keep cold, drink fresh. Best consumed within a few months of packaging date. 

Aroma: Orange juice, passionfruit, berries, stone fruit, tropical

Flavour: Bright, fresh, juicy, zesty, soft bitterness

Mouthfeel: Soft, smooth, light, creamy, refreshing