Prawn Muruku

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From a passion and love for family and friends

Our story began in 2000 when our founder Madam Chua Siew Yong started selling some homemade cookies and pastries in her neighbourhood. She first discovered some traditional shrimp chips by chance and instantly fall in love with. From then on, she puts a lot of effort into developing and testing with seafood and crackers recipes. Yong Mama fresh prawn muruku is the final product after numerous attempts.

We started selling Yong mama fresh prawn muruku during Chinese New Year and we have received overwhelming response from our friends and customers. To ensure and maintain the quality of our products, we have set up a bakery in Ipoh to make fresh prawn muruku and some homemade cookies. Our products are made from real and chemical free ingredients, you are more than welcome to visit our bakery to see for yourself.


Made from natural ingredients that you can see and taste.
Yong Mama began with one simple goal and that is to produce a healthy, tasty local snack for our family and friends. We uses only natural and simple ingredients in Yong Mama prawn muruku.