Honey Panda's Greetings MiMi Beer Ruby Gose 蜜蜜®啤 紅寶洛神花古斯啤酒 (330ml)

by MiMi
Style: Gose
Brewed by MiMi (Hong Kong)
4.5% ABV

Tomy’s Tasting Note

A moisture of fresh fruit aromas from pear, green apple, grapefruit and lemon. Wonderful ruby red in colour, the well controlled sourness gives you superb freshness, very good balance and a fruity taste, dense but very drinkable. It has an aftertaste that is fascinatingly roselle in character with almost no bitterness. This craft beer’s taste is fine and elegant like wine.

Product Story
Panda Mimi has fallen in love with Beer & Food Pairing ever since her first taste of the craft MiMi Beer that her master Lion BeeBee specially brewed for her. With five years of experience in food beer pairing and a habit of eating only natural and healthy foods, Panda MiMi has joined hands with Lion BeeBee to create their first healthy beer which makes use of the health benefits of the gorgeous Roselle.