Equilibrium Roowaka Imperial IPA (473ml)

Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery (Middletown, NY, United States)
ABV: 8%

Roowaka is the next beer based off of Pete’s hoppy travels to Australia. Another Kangaroo picture (Yup, we have plenty) graces the label. Roowaka celebrates our love of the South Pacific and shines light on the elusive New Zealand Riwaka and one of our Aussie favorites, Galaxy.

We started with a Fractal fermentation and grain bill. The hop schedule uses a Citra whirlpool before a heavy dry hop of Riwaka and Galaxy. Roowaka pours a straw milky yellow with an aroma of passionfruit, assorted citrus, earthy hay, grassland, and pinch of white pepper. The rollercoaster ride of flavor starts off with notes of earthy white pepper before being quickly transformed into pops of citrus, passionfruit, white grape with, melon, and a touch of berries. The juicy buildup continues before ending with a soft and creamy finish with a touch of bitterness.

稳态 袋鼠瓦卡 双倍IPA
这款Roowaka Double IPA是Pete的澳大利亚之旅的下一款啤酒,酒标上还有另一幅袋鼠照片(是的,我们有很多)。这款IPA庆祝了我们对南太平洋的热爱,并在难以捉摸的新西兰瑞瓦卡(Riwaka)和澳大利亚最受欢迎的银河(Galaxy)两种啤酒花中闪耀光芒。
我们以Fractal IPA的配方为基础,在回旋沉淀过程中加入了西楚(Citra),并且使用了大量瑞瓦卡(Riwaka)和银河(Galaxy)两种啤酒花进行干投。酒体呈浑浊的稻草奶黄色,散发着百香果、柑橘、泥土干草、青草和略微白胡椒香气。过山车般丰富的味道始于白胡椒的香气,然后迅速转变为柑橘、百香果、白葡萄、甜瓜和淡淡浆果的味道。多汁感持续积累,然后以柔和顺滑的收口感结束,并带有淡淡的苦味。